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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Product Spotlight: Mary Kay Satin Hands Soothes Working Hands

     We have been dealing with unusually cold weather in Kentucky for over a week now with highs in the teens to low 20's and night time temperatures as low as 3. Now it's not unusual for us to have temperatures this cold but normally it would only last a day or two. With temperatures this low and wind chill taking temperature even lower, we are often at the barn every two to three hours checking on the livestock. Normal daily care of our livestock takes several hours each day but added time is needed when breaking ice, adding bedding, and keeping hay available. All this time spent outside can result in severe drying and cracking of  the skin on our hands.
     Both my daughter and my husband had severe dryness of their hands with skin cracking and bleeding. I immediately thought of my Christmas gift, the Satin Hands skin care set by Mary Kay, which I had only used once, but knew it had to help.
     This Mary Kay Satin Hands Pampering Set includes three products, Satin Smoothie Refining Shae Scrub, Protecting Softener, and Nourishing Shae Cream. It is advertised as fragrance free but the protecting softener has a very subtle but pleasant fragrance.
     Their hands were extremely dry and painful and the entire backs of her hands were red with cracking and bleeding at their knuckles. They did not use the scrub lotion on their hands since they were so painful, but applied the protecting softener and the nourishing shae cream. The result was an immediate soothing comfort to the painful chapping and within an hour of use the redness and the bleeding was not noticeable. I really like these products because they are not greasy or heavy feeling and leave your skin very soft and smooth. I have used many products over the years but nothing had the quick and lasting results of these creams.
     This set is perfect for daily skin care, but I highly recommend it for anyone that has a problem with dry skin. The set retails for $36 and would be a great gift.  I suggest contacting your local Mary Kay representative which you can locate at MaryKay.com.

          A note to my readers: I did not receive compensation from Mary Kay cosmetics or a representative to write this post. Neither myself nor a family member is a Mary Kay representative. This post is written strictly from my experience with the product. 

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