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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Higgins Farms: Chiangus Cattle in Tennessee

     East of Nashville, nestled in the rolling hills of Tennessee in a small farming community of Auburntown, you will find the successful beef operation of Higgins Farms. John and Marna Higgins purchased their first commercial Chianina x Angus crossed heifers in the mid 1980's and today they have a herd of 60 registered Chiangus cows.
     Higgins Farms is definitely a family operation and oldest child, Andy, helped to get the family started with a registered herd in 1997 when he began showing Chiangus heifers. That led to the family getting involved in the American Chianina Association and the three children attending the American Junior Chianina Association National Junior Heifer Show on a regular basis and being very involved with the the association. Andy was a member of the AJCA board of directors and served in many offices including president. The family is very involved with the Tennessee Chiangus Association and John serves the ACA as a member of the board of directors.
     A recent graduate of MTSU, Andy is now managing the farm and herd and has helped sisters Amelia, 16, and Allison, 18, lead many champions to the backdrop the last few years.

HIGG Ecstasy, out of TR Kellie by HIGG Remedy.Grand Champion Bred/Owned Chiangus, 2011 AJCA National Jr. Heifer Show. Exhibited by Allison Higgins.
HIGG Satin & Lace, a heifer out of SLC Lace 273U by MEFC Cross Country. Reserve Grand Champion Bred/Owned Chiangus, 2011 AJCA National Jr. Heifer Show. Exhibited by Amelia Higgins.
HIGG Wild Heart, out of TR Kellie by RDD Aces High. Reserve Grand Champion Chiangus Heifer, 2011 NAILE AJCA Jr. Heifer Show. Exhibited by Allison Higgins.
TR Kellie.  Allison Higgins' first show heifer purchased in 2004 from Talmo Ranch, Talmo, Georgia. This cow is dam of two of the three heifers pictured above. A flush out of this cow and bull of buyer's choice will be sold this Saturday, March 24, 6:00 pm at the 2012 Source Sale at Talmo Ranch.
         TR Kellie is the dam of two of the winning heifers pictured above and a flush from this cow with buyer's choice of bull will be sold Saturday, March 24, in the 2012 Source Sale. Click on the link to Talmo Ranch for complete information http://talmoranch.com/index.html
     The Higgins family is also pleased with the bull they raised HIGG Remedy, sire of HIGG Xcstasy the 2011 Champion Bred/Owned Chiangus Heifer at AJCA National Jr. Heifer Show, and HIGG You Hear Me, 2011NAILE ACA Early Jr. Heifer Calf Reserve Champion and 2012 Fort Worth Reserve Grand Champion Chiangus Female. He is also sire of the 2012 TN Agribition Supreme Female which is out of a daughter of TR Kellie.

HIGG Remedy, a Chiangus bull out of an Eagle Scout Cow and MEFC Addicted.
     Higgins Farms has two fall heifers consigned to the Source Sale sired by HIGG Remedy and out of TR Ignite females. Lots 40 and 41. They also have a cow/calf pair, lot 39, and another fall heifer, lot 42.

Lot 40. Higg Remedy x TR Ignite. 2012 Source Sale

Lot 41. HIGG Remedy X TR Ignite. 2012 Source Sale

For more information about Higgins Farms or the Source Sale, go to the Higgins Farms facebook page at the following link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/HigginsFarms

If you can't attend the sale this Saturday evening, you can watch and bid live by registering at http://www.edjecast.com/

Contact Andy Higgins at 615-330-6446.

Photographs on this post are the property of Higgins Farms and used with permission.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness in the Bluegrass State

     As a member of the class of '87 of Western Kentucky University, and employee, my passion for the Hilltoppers is great, and as a Kentuckian, my passion for University of Kentucky basketball is also great. So, I find myself on this greatest day of basketball history beginning this day with much anticipation and excitement knowing that not only are my two favorite teams playing each other in Kentucky, but that Murray State also plays today in Louisville, and University of Louisville plays in Oregon.
     It's so wonderful to have four Kentucky teams in the NCAA tournament and three of those four playing the same day in Louisville, Kentucky at the YUM Center. Of course the selection committee would never have allowed U of L to play in Louisville, but it's really terrible that they were booted across the nation when the other teams move into their home.
     I won't be in Louisville today to enjoy the excitement but I will be watching the games on TV or my computer at work, except for the game between WKU and UK and then you will find me with my family in front of our TV, red towel in hand!
     What a great game it should be and wow...what if WKU beats UK? WKU is the only team in the tournament with a losing season 15-18, now 16-18 .  A #16 over a #1!! That would just be incredible. This young WKU team that's dealt with a change in head coaches and experienced a season with both extreme disappointments and jubilation now has renewed nationwide attention!! WKU coach Ray Harper, a Kentucky native, has stepped in and given motivation and confidence to this young team. A win over UK would be awesome! WKU has a great basketball tradition with 42 conference championships, third-most in NCAA history; 40 seasons with 20+ wins, sixth-most in NCAA history; and 8th in NCAA history in all-time winning percentage. WKU also has 34 post-season appearances!
     But then, I've also watched this UK team and like so many I've cheered for them and watched them play as a team like no other UK team in recent history. I grew up as a UK fan and remember well the 1978 championship team, and the many more great teams following. Do you see my problem?
     I've decided to enjoy the fact that they are playing each other and representing Kentucky well, as basketball fans everywhere watch the game tonight. I'm proud that there's not the rivalry of UK/U of L in this game, but a great respect with great friends and high school teammates Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (UK) and Derrick Gordon (WKU) playing each other in the college game they've dreamed of.
     My father made the statement to my mother, wondering if I could make it through this game. Well, I'm sure I'll make it but it will be with much excitement, yelling, and anxious moments. My parents were at our house on Tuesday when WKU came from behind and defeated Mississippi Valley State. Our house was anything but quiet with me, my husband, and our daughter, all WKU grads, so excited over the dramatic comeback and win. I'm wondering how loud our home will be tonight as we gather once again to watch THE GAME. I haven't mentioned that my mother is a huge UK fan! It should be interesting but whatever the outcome I will be proud of all the Kentucky teams and enjoy each and every moment of March Madness!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Feature Friday: The Consumer

     This week we've celebrated National Ag Week and Ag Day and no one is happier than myself to be a part of the agriculture industry. Like most farmers, I'm not the first in my family to continue to live on the farm and enjoy a life in production agriculture. Yes, this is a choice I have made but it's really made possible by the consumer. I've thought about this a lot after reading Madeline Moore's blog post "National Ag Day"  located at www.madelinemoore.wordpress.com, where she quoted Ray Prock "It's National Ag Day, have you hugged a consumer?"
     The consumer. Our neighbors, friends, and millions of people we don't know. Farmers and ranchers rely on the consumer to purchase our products and by-products of the industry. Knowing this, it is so important to keep the consumer informed and educated about all aspects of the industry.
     I want to take this time to thank those informed, knowledgeable, supportive consumers who proudly purchase U.S. produced meat, vegetables, fruit,  grain, clothing, wood, and all the other items made with by-products like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lubricants, and leathers.
     As we end National Ag Week continue to celebrate your role in the agriculture industry, whether you are a producer or a consumer. Stay informed and educated, and support your local producers! It only helps the economy and you know where your food comes from.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrating Ag Day with photographs

     National Ag Day, March 8, 2012

Celebrating with photographs
Nothing more rewarding than a newborn calf and mama doing an excellent job!
Ashley helping and encouraging little brother Blake began at an early age....and continues today.
Friendship, teamwork, and learning together.

Ashley and Blake at a district market goat show.
Ashley at the Jr. Chi Show at the NAILE.
Family teamwork to get heifers ready on Jr. show day at Ky Beef Expo.
Blake with "Speckles" at 2009 Ky State Fair Market Hog Show, working his way to Champion Market Hog.
Photograph by Mollie Tichenor.
The smile says it all!
Our new agriculture business, Burley Fields Livestock Center, for livestock shows and sales, specifically production sales and youth shows. First event, Ky Proud Elite Breeders Sale, April 21, 2012.
Ashley named Supreme Champion Showman as a freshman at WKU Block and Bridle's Little North American. No photograph but Ashley just received the National Block and Bridle 2011-2012 Outstanding Senior Scholarship Award!

Photographs on this post property of Wanda Quiggins or used with permission.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Feature Friday: Maggie Jasper Angus

     Maggie Jasper is a third generation Kentucky Angus producer and a young leader in the Kentucky cattle industry.  Maggie grew up following her grandfather Billy Jasper and father Jimmy Jasper to cattle shows. "The state fair wasn't really about the rides as much as the Angus show on Saturday morning. I thought that was what normal kids did," explained Maggie.
     Even though she was attending the shows and enjoying every minute, she never had the desire to show cattle herself until age 13, after watching her cousin with his first steer. She talked to her Dad about wanting to show cattle that night, and literally the next day she had a heifer.
     "I remember going to my first Kentucky Junior Angus Association meeting in Bowling Green, and being a nervous wreck because I didn't know anybody. From there I have grown so close to so many in the KJAA and have bonds that reach far beyond the show ring,"  stated Jasper. Maggie is a leader in the KJAA, serving first as a director, then reporter, and now secretary. "I was encouraged to take on leadership roles and voice my opinion, and I had plenty of role models to look up to along the way."

Maggie Jasper
     Maggie has been involved with the Kentucky Junior Cattleman's Association for four years and is the current president. Maggie believes strongly in this youth organization, stating that when people associated with different breeds come together in one union, we can develop a strong group working for the beef industry. One of the largest events of the KJCA is the annual Fall Classic, scheduled for September 29 and 30 at Stanford, Kentucky.

Maggie at the 2011 KJCA Fall Classic
      In her first year at Eastern Kentucky University, Maggie is staying busy off the farm with a major in Occupational Therapy. With her passion for agriculture many don't understand her career choice, but Maggie wants to help those that need assistance or guidance to accomplish their goals. Maggie is a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, she was named to the Dean's List, and received the President's Award. I'm certain she will remain a strong voice in the cattle industry.

Maggie Jasper Angus consignment to the Kentucky Angus Sweepstakes. She sales Saturday, March 2, at 12:00 pm in Louisville, Kentucky.
      This weekend, Maggie Jasper Angus has a consignment to the Kentucky Angus Sweepstakes, at the Kentucky Beef Expo. The show will be held today, Friday, March 2, at 9:00 am at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, with the sale on Saturday, March 3, at 12:00 pm. The heifer is a full sister to Champion Hill Phyllis 7155 that was reserve champion heifer at the 2009 Kentucky State Fair. Maggie is really pleased to offer this heifer for sale, explaining that she is very gentle and was easy to lead the first time with a halter. As an incentive Maggie is offering $500 for a class winner and an additional $500 for a division winner, to a junior exhibitor who purchases the heifer and shows at the 2012 National Junior Angus Show, to be held this summer in Louisville.

Photographs in this post property of Maggie Jasper and used with her permission.