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Saturday, February 1, 2014

If You Don't Like The Weather in KY....

     One week ago, on Saturday, January 25, we started the day with snow that reached a total of 3-4 inches in our area. The largest snowfall we've had this winter. After a morning of feeding and checking on the livestock, we took advantage of the snow and took the 4-wheeler and sleds to the fields and enjoyed the afternoon.

     Last week, we had temperatures near 0 with wind chills of -12, making it a miserable time for the livestock so we had to work longer in the temperatures either breaking ice on the ponds or getting water to everything in lots or in the barn. Water is a very important nutrient for livestock but it is especially important in these cold temperatures because if cattle don't drink, they will not consume the needed amounts of hay or feed to keep them warm and productive, then they begin to stress and lose weight.
     Wednesday morning was one of those very busy days because the automatic water fountain froze in one of the lots. This has happened before but we've been able to thaw it easily. Not on Wednesday morning when the temperature was -1. This resulted in moving a water tank to the lot, then hauling water in buckets to the tank, making sure that everything in that lot drank. When the animals have water available for a short time, (before it freezes), it's important to see that each one drinks.  This extra work resulted in myself and son arriving late for work and school respectively, however it was our responsibility to see that those cattle had water.
     Today, has been sunny and the temperature reached 60 degrees. It has been a day filled with outdoor work including washing show cattle, cleaning the barn, feeding hay, and washing the salt and road residue off the truck..

     Currently we are under a Winter Storm Watch from 3 pm Sunday afternoon through Monday morning with low temperature of 27 tomorrow night. I know the livestock are wondering what's going on with the 60 degree roller coaster temperature this week and looks like there's more rain, snow, ice, and colder temperatures ahead.
     This year has been one to believe the saying, "If you don't like the weather, stick around a day or two and it will change."