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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Education & Fun for Kids at Farm Safety Day Camp

     Over 180 Hart County School District 4th grade students enjoyed an informative and fun day at the annual Farm Safety Day Camp, on Thursday, September 18. Students were transported from their schools to Hart County Fairgrounds where over 30 community volunteers representing a variety of businesses and organizations including 4-H and FFA teens demonstrated proper safety practices at 8 stations.
     The stations included demonstrations with equipment and scenarios, often scaled-down, illustrating the actual dangers encountered daily by farmers and farm families, highlighting the hazards of grain bins, tractor roll-overs and PTO's (power take off), livestock, ATV's, electric power lines, and fire.
     "We try to change the stations each year and keep it personal, with information that will help the community," explained Paula Clark, coordinator for the Hart County event.
     Even though less children are living on farms now when compared to past generations, it is important to educate and inform all children in rural areas of the hazards possibly encountered on a farm so they are safe and mindful of dangers when visiting farms of family and friends. Accidents often occur quickly and many are avoided thanks to educational events and camps that remind kids how to be safe on the farm.
     This event would not be possible without the support and sponsorship of Progressive Agriculture, the foundation formed to secure financial support for this program. Progressive Agriculture is sponsor of over 430 Farm Safety Day Camps held annually across the nation.  Hart County Farm Safety Day Camp coordinator Paul Clark attends a training program each year in preparation for the event.  The program is free to the participants, and each child receives a t-shirt. For more information on Progressive Agriculture and the sponsors of this nation-wide program go to the following link:  http://www.progressiveag.org/


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