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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cowboy Fire, Inc., A Unique Kentucky Business.

     With less than three weeks until Christmas Day, many are still searching for that special unique gift and Cowboy Fire, Inc., has many gift options for livestock producers and agricultural enthusiasts. Tim Prather is the owner/operator of this custom laser engraving company and he's been very busy this year filling orders for livestock shows and events.

Framed, laser engraved hair on hide. Lower item approximately 3' wide.
      Prather is able to laser engrave on glass, leather, hair on hide, wood and plexiglass, practically anything other than metal. If you, or your child, is involved in Kentucky Department of Agriculture livestock shows, chances are you received a Cowboy Fire award at the recent banquet. Many of those awards were made of hair on hide, mirrors, and plexiglass. Prather has also engraved awards for many national shows and events including the Chianina and Maine-Anjou national junior heifer shows.

Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Youth Shows and Fairs Points Program Award.

Kentucky Proud Points Program youth exhibitor award.

Laser engraved hair on hide.
      Leather brief cases with hair on hide inserts and mirrors framed with hair on hide are some of Prather's most popular gift items. Other unique items include stools, chairs, benches, and tables, with engraved hair on hide inserts. Of course time is a factor now in determining what may be available for Christmas gifts but if you've been searching for that special gift you may not have to look further than Cowboy Fire, Inc., of Nancy, Kentucky. You can find Cowboy Fire on Facebook, email at timprather@windstream.net or call 606-219-7740.

Leather briefcase with hair on hide engraved inserts.

Award at Maine-Anjou National Junior Heifer Show.

5"x7" Photo Frame with hair on hide laser engraved at the bottom. Total size is 22" T x 15"W.

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Maggie Jasper said...

I love the products from Cowboy Fire, Inc., and Tim does a great job!